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Toddler with Toys


Our philosophy of education is that all children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially—the atmosphere where students can meet their full potential. We provide a safe environment where students are invited to share their ideas and imagination.

The essential elements that all Tiny Connection's children will be immersed included:


  • Having choices and letting their curiosity direct their learning.

  • Encouraging exploration, problem-solving and creative reasoning 

  • Use positive ways to process feelings and emotions

  • Opportunity to practice skills in a safe environment. 

  • Focusing on independence, cooperation, collaboration, and mutual respect.

Whole Child Approach to Education

Unique Value

  • Preparing each student to reach their full potential

  • Providing safe and supportive environments for learning 

  • Opportunities for developing motor, social, language and cognitive skills

  • Promote independence and student-led decision making

​​We Focus on

  • Social-emotional development

  • Academic development

  • Cognitive development


Gain Powerful Knowledge Through Play

  • Practical Life 

  • Language development

  • Mathematics

  • Science exploration

  • Multiple sensory experiences

  • Cultural

  • Social 

  • Emotional

  • Dramatic play

  • Cooking

  • Stories time

  • Lego and puzzles

  • Art expression

  • Creative arts and music

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