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Early childhood education

Whole Child Approach

Cartoon Fox
Cartoon Pig
Cartoon Bear
Cartoon Animal
Cartoon Crocodile


Play, Explore And Learn

Puppet Show
Kids Playing with Balloons

Weekend Play Time
Play, Explore And Learn.
"Play with meaning" is our indoor and outdoor learning.

In weekend, our play time provides safe, clean, climate-controlled, and supervised settings for children and parents to explore together, and make new memories!  The play time is designed for children to socialize, learn, and play by creating an environment that emphasizes physical exercise, mental stimulation, and collaborative activities. 


The number of skills the children gain is something additional while they play.

  • Learning to exercise problem-solving skills

  • Showing an ability to think flexibly

  • Practicing processing their emotions

  • Facing their fears

  • Trying new things without fear of mistake

 Play Zone 

  • Play house, 

  • Art studio ( fun craft)

  • Lego wall 

  • Sand box 

  • Water play 

  • Bike area 

  • Mini garden

  • Mini library 

  • Mini story theater

Saturday – Sunday


(Please contact us to confirm play hours on Saturday and Sunday to confirm party bookings)

Slide Bouncer

Slide Bouncer

Art Studio (fun craft)

Art Studio

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Play House

Lego Wall
Sand Box

Lego Wall

Sand Box

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